Generation Z Project:


What my project is Based on:

I wanted to base my Generation Z project on media freedoms with regardings to gender identity. I wanted to emphasise how Instagram and (any other social media platforms) but mostly highlighting Instagram, how it is gender friendly. Especially when it comes on the labelling on Gender pronouns in your bio on Instagram.

Moreover, when it comes to this project, I wanted to make reference to personal journals, rather than focusing on celebrities attempting this matter e.g. Demi Lovato, so I brought in Sage.

Sage is a Junior College student and labels himself them/him. I thought I should spread his story by sending a message for anyone who is going through this and also letting the society know this is in today’s media, today’s generation. Thus, I thought this project would be more interesting if someone is experiencing this feeling through a podcast form.

The podcast ‘Mediatap’ focuses on;

Is social media taking over? Is it an influencer? Does it affect our mental health? Mediatap delves into social media aspects relating to our everyday lives. It focuses on our personal journeys, celebrity gossip, places, travel and guest personal journals.

This is the link to my podcast channel:

Sage’s episode focuses on:

Does Instagram promote gender identity through the use of gender pronouns? Are they just a trend? Do they actually care about gender freedoms?

My guest Sage Agius and I delve into this topic and outline Sage’s life story, through Instagram and other social media platforms.

This is the link to my episode regarding my Generation Z project:

These are the interview questions I asked Sage for my podcast;

  1. Do gender pronouns matter to you?
  2. Why do you label yourself they/him?
  3. Why do you call yourself Sage?
  4. Was it a big step for you to come out and use the gender pronouns on Instagram?
  5. Do you think Instagram accepts gender identity especially with the option bio of gender pronouns?
  6. Have you ever received any hatred changing your gender pronouns or posting any pictures on Instagram or any other platforms?
  7. Do you feel accepted by society and social media?
  8. Are there any social media platforms you use to encourage gender identity? Or how would you encourage gender identity?
  9. Do you have a message to give to others maybe?

I also asked some personal questions during the interview;

  1. How old were you when you labelled yourself that one?
  2. At school do they call you Sage?

iii.             What about your parents?