Daniel Hopkins – Media Literacy Education in Malta Artwork

The photos above are a critique of the Digital Citizenship webpages between the primary schools and secondary schools’ websites. The above photo is the primary schools Digital Citizenship website that includes lesson plans, handbooks, and an entire additional page with resources for parents. The below photo is the secondary schools’ Digital Citizenship website. Which, on the other hand, includes just five links total, including one YouTube video on fake news. The primary website is aesthetically pleasing, has a ton of resources, and is easy to use. The secondary page website does not even have its own page for digital citizenship, it is ugly to look at, and has limited resources. As such, I added gold stars to the primary website as a primary school teacher might do to a student’s work. For the secondary page, I added a glitch filter to exaggerate the boring, ugly, and limited nature of the page — how it probably feels to a secondary student.