Ten things I learned from my GenZ internship in London

In April 2022, Ian Farrugia and Claire De Battista, winner of the GenZ Competitions, spent a week’s internship with media outlets. These included the BBC, The Economist, VICE News, The Guardian Foundation, On Our Radar and Tortoise.

Truth is a currency and hyperinflation is rampant

Truths and other mutually accepted ideas are the product of thousands of years of language evolution. In troubled times, we need to challenge their very constructs – even if looking for ‘truths’ is an uncomfortable process.

Citizen Journalism: Power to the People or Threat to the Truth?

We know citizen journalism occurs. We know it is being consumed, believed and in many cases appropriated by mainstream media outlets. The question is: if citizen journalism is here to stay, how can it be improved? Since truth matters – and there can be no power without responsibility.

Should Social Media Platforms be Regulated?

Should social media platforms be regulated? If so, how, and to what extent? The GenZ project asks young people to make informed decisions.

How does a private crisis become a media story?

GenZ asks young people questions to try and secure answers about the media we need. Yet questions need to be anchored in ‘real life’ if they are to help us navigate to media solutions. On 19th November 2021, a Times of Malta journalist recorded a disconcerting incident in Valletta on his phone. Within an hour, […]